Our Mission is to encourage & help People, improving their dental health & Beautifying their teeth & it is driven by a team of passionate dental experts.

Our Dental healthcare  commitment addresses, a wide spectrum of treatments where our excellence is defined by caring approach,commanding expertise cutting edge technology & state of the art infrastructure

The Hospital was started with Dr Maulika’s vision of providing excellence in dental care offering the latest and best in dental technology and skills. The Hospital is equipped with state of the art dental equipment including a latest digital x-ray system.

Infection control and cleanliness of the highest standards are maintained right from instruments to the overall Hospital. The interiors of the clinic do away with the traditional hospital design and incorporate a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the patient. A thorough professional and perfectionist, Dr Maulika ingrained principals in life of sincerity and dedication help to keep her patients at ease and gives them confidence. Dr Maulika keeps herself updated through conferences, workshops and seminars on the latest dental procedures. At Om Dental Hospital the patient’s satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Om hospital is Successfully completed 12 years. During the Journey We adopt the necessary changes in our practice time by time. And Today Om Hospital is having Well Equipped Infrastructure.  Therefore we are one of the best Dental Hospital in Ahmedabad City with Having the Quality Certification ISO 9001-2008.