What is Impaction?

Third Molar also known as Wisdom tooth erupts between the age of 17 to 25 yrs. and thus it is last tooth to erupt in oral cavity. Because of lack of space in dental arch its gowth and eruption can be prevented by overlying gum, bone or adjacent tooth and it becomes impacted.

Types of Impaction

It can be inclined either mesially or distally.

It can partially erupted in mouth and rest of it can be beneath the gum & totally in bone.

Sometimes it is vertical and appears normal but because of lack of space it can’t erupt in oral cavity.

sometimes tooth is completely lying horizontally & which is completely in bone. This kind of impacted third molar are most difficult to remove.




How serious is an Impacted Tooth?

If not removed third molar may cause serious complications as mentioned below.

Impacted third molar leads to infection in surrounding tissues causing severe pain & swelling.

It also damage adjacent teeth and because of causing pressure on adjacent teeth it may lead to crowding of teeth.

More serious problem may occur if the sac surrounding the impacted tooth becomes filled woth fluid and enlarges to form a cyst. If grows it may hallow out the jaw and permanently damage adjacent tooth & nerves, develop from its walls & more serious surgical procedure may required to remove it.



When to remove Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are easier to remove in younger age. Earlier removal of wisdom teeth results in less complicated healing precess because their roots are not completely formed, surrounding bone is softer & there is less chance of damaging near by nerves or other structures.




Removal of wisdom teeth at later age bemoves more compalicated as the roots are fully developed and may involve nerve & jaw bone. So it is better to remove wisdom teeth before it causes any serious complications.