Gum Disease


These are healthy teeth, gums & bone. If calculus deposits on tooth Surface it will cause destruction of gingival tissue which leads to gum problems.

In early stage of gingivitis, gums become swollen & it may bleed, if at this stage. We remove calculus gums will return to its normal Condition.

If we don't treat at this stage, gum will become more swollen it may, bleed during brushing & even during chewing hard food. It will cause foul smelling also.

In advanced periodontitis, (Pyorrhea) bone destruction occurs which leads to mobility of teeth & spacing between the teeth.


In early stage, We can remove calculus by scaling & than do polishing to smoothen gum & tooth surface which we can solve the gum problem, like bleeding from gum, foul smelling from mouth.

In advanced Case, We have to go for flap surgery. In which we open flap & remove calculus from root surface & smoothen the surface & then stitch the clean & healthy gingiva with tooth. After sometime gum become normal.