Painless Root Canal Treatment


Here this is a normal tooth having caries restricted within first layer of tooth.

Once the Caries breaks through the Superficial layer it spreads quickly. If it is not treated at this stage it will reach near the pulp, where the nerves & tooth vessels are & tooth become sensitive.

Once Caries reach to the pulp, it Spreads beyond the root area & into the bone tissues, due to which tooth becomes dead. At this stage we can save tooth by doing RCT.

If not treated, tooth destruction Continues to all parts of tooth & can lead to tooth fracture. At this stage we can't save tooth in most of cases and we have to remove tooth.


Once Carious destruction reach up to the pulp, tooth becomes sensitive & painful & it requires root canal treatment.

For root Canal treatment, First Caries is removed & Pulp chamber opened to reach up to the canal of tooth.

Canals of the roots are cleaned with files & reshaped to receive final filling of gutta percha.

The canal is filled with gutta percha cones from top to apex of the canals. Gutta percha is an innert material which remains in canal without any harm.

After filling of canals, temporary material is filled which is replaced later on by permenant filling material. After completion of RCT tooth is covered by crown to prevent fracture of tooth.


► Don't chew hard things from that side until tooth is covered with cap.
► Cap is compulsory after RCT because tooth becomes non vital & it may break with occlusal load.
► Don't eat or drink for half an hour on the day of cap fixing.
► Don't eat from that side on the day of cap fixing & eat semisolid food if possible.
► Don't eat sticky foods like chocolate, chewing gum & hard foods like chikkies after capping of teeth.
► If it is anterior teeth (front teeth) don't bite from front teeth after capping.